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Products to reduce plastic package

Below are some replacements for plastic food packaging.

Recyclable food containers
Banana leaves are used for packaging vegetables
Grass straws is a good replacement for plastic straws.
Loliware - trend for edible food packaging.

They are environment-friendly because the decomposition (biodegradable) time is less than plastic. The last product, Loliware, is edible cup. We can completely eat them after finishing our drink. That's really interesting.

source: https://www.saveonenergy.com/material-decomposition/
source: https://www.saveonenergy.com/material-decomposition/

However, those products' economic efficiency is not high. For example a fresh grass straws costs about $3/100 pieces while plastic straws costs much more cheaper, about $0.5/100 pieces. Some people feel that edible packaging is not as clean as plastic and may not protect the food from dirt and microbes. Food safety regulations will be concerned about the number of hands and surfaces food wrapped in edible packaging is likely to touch on its way to a shop shelf. And its purpose is entirely lost when when it must be protected by more packaging.

Reducing plastic waste is always good but cannot be done by one individual organisation. It needs supports from everyone.